Please Read: Disclaimer



This is my disclaimer regarding the specific use of profanity or unusual words from this point on. I chose these particular words because using a common language most often used by patients themselves, especially when in distress, makes the rules much more accessible. Also, the use of rhyme and these highly emotionally-charged words ensures that my patients remember the rules. If you find profanity to be offensive, then my guess is that you are actually breaking one of the rules (see below) and not just in this context but across areas of your life. I challenge you to explore distress that may result from this tendency to judge. On a final note, I wish I could actually take credit for absolutely all of these ideas, but all ideas are born from knowledge of what preceded them. One of my rules specifically borrows from teachings of one of the forefathers of psychology (and this will be noted, specifically Rule #4). Like most of our current evidence-based treatment modalities and much good science that reinvents the wheel, I have simply packaged the following ideas and built upon general knowledge in the field. My bucket rules have been informed by and based on my own experience with my patients over the past decade(s). My only hope is that they will improve your well-being. Consider them to be your five commandments for a better life!