Dr. Shiva Ghaed


Shiva Ghaed is a California-licensed Clinical Psychologist who is specialized in trauma and anxiety disorders and currently provides mental healthcare for active duty military. She has extensive graduate education and has devoted her professional career over the past two decades to helping veterans and active duty service members recover from acute and chronic mental illness. Since Oct 1, 2017, she has also devoted much of her time to supporting her country family.

Her love of country music took her to Route 91 on the night of the shooting in Las Vegas and she, along with many others, witnessed the horror of that night as many people around her were shot and killed. She has found purpose and meaning in surviving the massacre, and it has been her mission to give back to her beloved community, provide education, and help guide other Route 91 survivors in their healing. One week following the shooting, Dr. Ghaed launched a free weekly support group, held at the local country music establishment InCahoots, for survivors and their family and friends. She started writing weekly therapy-based articles specifically catered to and witnessing the Route 91 community recovery process, to help people cope with the traumatic aftermath and with the hope of preventing the development of PTSD. She was hoping to also reach people who were unable to attend the meeting or perhaps were out of reach from San Diego.

This website was created to allow public access to these documents, and currently efforts are being made to reach out to the rest of the Route 91 community (and perhaps even to survivors of other mass violence events) across the U.S. with a goal of providing aid to people who may still not be connected to care or strong social support. The invisible scars of trauma can last a lifetime, but the long-term suffering is both preventable and treatable. Being a survivor herself she understands what others are experiencing, and she believes in the resiliency of the human spirit and wants to make sure that there are no limitations to the public obtaining the very best tools available in the field to help with recovery.

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